Individual Investment

Sunstone Capital - Individual

Sunstone provides investors with stable dividends, this is achieved by purchasing and renting out operating assets at fixed monthly rates. These returns are further enhanced through the section 12J tax benefit.

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Sunstone Capital - Individual

Low risk

Sunstone Capital - Individual

High residual value

Sunstone Capital - Individual

5 Year investment horizon

Targeted Returns:

  • Internal rate of return 16%
  • Annual dividends of 7.5%
  • Residual Value of 90%+

How to invest:

Amounts of R1 million and above can be invested during the course of the year through a private placement.

The Prospectus and Application form will be available for the public offering to accept amounts under R1 million from 1 November 2019.

Sunstone Capital - Invest Brochure
Sunstone Capital - Individual Investment Application
Sunstone Capital - TARGETED IRR 16%