Wealth Manager

As an advisor acting in your clients interests, consider presenting Sunstone to your client to:

  • Help relieve the pressure of a tax event through a tax-efficient investment
  • Provide high targeted dividend yields if there is appetite for a medium term investment
  • Hedge macro-economic market fluctuations of conventional investments.
  • Invest in a low risk, asset underpinned portfolio of assets

Benefits of section 12J and Sunstone Capital in particular

Sunstone Capital - Wealth Manager

Individuals in the highest marginal tax bracket of 45% will  be returned 45% from SARS reducing risk capital to only 55%

Sunstone Capital - Wealth Manager

Physical asset underpin tied to fixed rental contracts

Sunstone Capital - Wealth Manager

Diversified portfolio of operating assets

Sunstone Capital - Wealth Manager

Highly liquid assets with predictable yields


1. Advisor/social influencers

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As an advisor/social influencer who is connected to various high net worth individuals we would welcome introductions into your network –sign an introductory fee agreement and send it through to avi@sunstonecapital.co.za to get started.

2. Wealth managers with a 1.8 Shares license

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As a 1.8 Shares licensee you are qualified to distribute our product to your clients. Hence we would put in place a simple distribution agreement

3. Wealth management/Tax advisory firm without a 1.8 License

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We can either put in place an introductory fee agreement with your firm and all of its distributors, or we can look at bringing the entire firm onto our FSP as a juristic rep

We are always looking to expand our distribution channels, contact us to see if you qualify and to put a relationship agreement in place.

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